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Cashfree Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2021

Round 1(Coding Round – HackerEarth):

  1. Was very easy to implement something like the number of unique elements in an array.
  2. Was based on 7 segment display where one has to find the number of steps needed to make a particular number appear by toggling the lights. (Seems tough but was very easy )
  3. Was of graph traversal and was of medium level. (One should be familiar with bfs/dfs for solving it ).
  4. Was on a constructive algorithm and was tough to implement. 

30 people were shortlisted and I was one of them

Round 2(Technical Interview 1): Based on problem-solving

  • 1 programming question – Lexicographically smallest string formed by removing duplicates  
  • There were two interviewers in this round both were senior developers, under pressure, I found it tough to do this question but was finally able to do it and all the test cases passed. 
  • Then the Interviewer tried the custom inputs and they also passed, they were impressed in the end.  
  • Along with all this, there was a long discussion on “how” and “why” about the approach and they also make me implement merge sort.

Tips –  Do a variety of questions before the start of your placement season and during the interview Listen carefully to the interviewers as they always try to help u to solve the problems and try to catch up with what the interviewer is indicating and interact as much as possible)

After 5 minutes of the end of this round, I got a call from the hr for the next round.

Round 3(Technical Interview 2): Based on CS subjects, resume, and project

This interview was with the Engineering Manager, like every round, it also started with the intro and then the interviewer asked me about my first project. He asked me to run it and show it to him and made me open the code. I explained to him all the code of my project and he was cross-questioning about every code. He mainly asked a few questions which were-

  • Explain the relationships in the different tables
  • Why you used SQLite
  • How much load ur system can Handel and what type of DB is SQLite and a few more which I can’t recall.
  • Then from there he entered DBMS and asked almost all about it for example-
  • Difference between Relational and Non- Relational DB, which to be used and when, keys, foreign key, made me implement foreign key in 2 tables, some basic SQL queries, Indexing, Normalization and a few more.
  • Then from there he entered in OS and asked some questions-
  • Paging, Demand paging, Segmentation, Process Synchronization, the difference between thread and process, States of process, FCFS, Multi-programming, Multi-tasking, Multi-Processing, Sockets and IPC, Cache, Time sharing, Difference between compiler and interpreter languages and their examples and all.
  • Then from there he entered CN and asked 2 questions
  • OSI Model and the difference between http and https.
  • Then he asked me to explain my second project and asked some questions about it and regarding ‘get’ request.
  • Then we discussed more my personal project ideas in the field of fintech.

Both of these rounds were really fun and I got selected in the next round.

Round 4(Managerial): This round was with the director of the engineering department. 

  • All the HR round-type questions were asked and the interviewer was most of the time working on his laptop and it was something I can’t say a good experience. 
  • And there were conflicts between our thoughts on multiple topics. He also asked a little bit about my projects and skills and about a project which I have done in electronics (As it is my branch). And with a long discussion, this round ended.
  • I thought I will not qualify for it but, I did.

And they selected 7 candidates for the designation of a product engineer and I was one of them.

HR Discussion: Discussion regarding all the doubts about job and salary breakdown was done with the head of HR department.

Tips: Be interactive that’s what they want.

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