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Capgemini Placement Experience – Senior Analyst

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Hi, I am Kshitiz. This year I got placed in Capgemini during its campus placement drive in our university. The journey to reach here was quite hard and comprised of 5 major rounds. A brief summary provided here will help you getting an idea for the preparation.

Round 1: Online Test (Aptitude, Logical, Verbal)

This round itself consisted of 3 mini rounds. All the above three sections i.e. aptitude, logical and verbal had to be cleared separately. Duration of the test was 90 minutes (30 for each) in which 20-20 aptitude and logical MCQ problems were there and an essay writing task for verbal part. This round demanded sectional cut-off. No negative marking was there in case of aptitude and logical sections. But in case of verbal, there was negative marking on the issues of how many times you press the backspace and whether your word limit is in desired range or not. Moreover, difficulty level was moderate for all the sections. One if clears this round (all sections separately) was welcomed for the next round.

Round 2: Online Test (Pseudo Code)

It was a MCQ round of pseudo code snippets. Duration of the test was 30 minutes. There were 20 questions and were not so easy compared to the given time. One must be fast in executing such snippets. No negative marking was there in this test. Questions were generally from recursion, iterations and data structures. In my case, I was not even able to see last 3 questions due to lack of time but was still able to clear it.

Round 3: Online Test (Coding)

This round consisted of two coding questions which were to be cleared separately. The difficulty level was not so much hard, but still one needs to have a good hand on data structures and their implementation. Always go for the most optimized approach. This will increase your chances to clear this one. I was able to solve both the questions successfully.

Round 4: Technical Interview

And now comes my biggest fear. This was my first ever personal interview and I was so nervous with tons of thoughts in my mind. As soon as I entered the room and sat in front of the interviewer, I tried to make myself comfortable and not to lose my calm. After my brief introduction, he asked for my resume. Resume is not just a piece of paper. I advice you to carefully frame your resume as this is your first impression. So he started asking me questions from the projects I had mentioned there. I explained him thoroughly about what I have done with a diagrammatic representation. The best part was that I showed my fully functioning web application on his smartphone on the spot. After this, he was almost flat!. Later he asked a couple of questions regarding software engineering and asked to write some code. After this satisfaction he asked me to leave for now and I was pretty sure that this is it. I highly recommend you to be honest in PI. Moreover for the technical part, practice Data Structures and Algorithms with their implementation along with your projects.

Round 5: HR Interview

Here is the situation when generally students think HR is a formality. But I want you to accept this that HR round matters. I was the first to be called for this round. After a brief introduction, he asked me a couple of more questions like,

  1. What do you expect from Capgemini?
  2. Why Capgemini?
  3. What will you do if your team member is facing problems in a project?
  4. What will happen if I throw a red stone in blue water?

After this he asked general questions like if I have any issue of location/shift and whether I can stand for a two-year agreement with them. Finally, the process was over and next day I got to know that I am in. Out of 2500 students, 30 were selected and I am happy to be one of those ‘Super 30’.

Just for a guidance, I recommend you not to wait for the right time. Start preparations from Day 1. Always be confident and optimistic. I appreciate your patience for reading my experience and I hope it was of some benefit for you. I also thank GeeksforGeeks to provide such a knowledgeable platform. Thanks for being here.

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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