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Capgemini Interview Experience

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Recently I was interviewed for Capgemini on on-Campus Placement.
The recruitment process was really simple. There were four rounds which are described below.


The first round was of aptitude and simple Data Interpretation along with reasoning and verbal skills. The aptitude is usually simple so expect high cut-off. It was followed by essay writing. Always remember, for any aptitude round you give for any company, there are various sections and selections are purely based on scoring marks greater than cutoff in each section. So, whenever you complete, say about 60% from a section, switch to another section. If time permits you can return back to that section. Many students were disqualified in the first round itself merely because they failed to score minimum in the later sections as they were indulged in each section more than required.

In essay writing, they mainly check your grammar and vocabulary. So, try to avoid mistakes in spelling and punctuation. The number of times you hit backspace is also counted which has a negative impact on your score. So, try to minimize mistakes. Also, remember to put whitespace after “, ” and “.”. Essay writing round was taken along with the aptitude round and was of 30 minutes.


The results of round 1 were announced after 30 minutes. Almost 90+ students were shortlisted for this. This was a technical round. Two section were there where the questions were really simply like predict the output of the program, select pseudo code for the given output etc. The questions were really simple but the time limit was only 20 minutes. So, try to divide your time between both the sections. Again, I’d advise you to move onto the next section after you complete 60-65% for a section. You can always come back.

Almost all students who cleared the first round got into the third round. Results were announced 2 days later.


This round was the technical interview. They almost asked everyone the same questions:

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Tell us about your projects

Then they asked questions regarding the project. They asked many students to write any program in their preferred language and then explain it to them. Don’t write programs such as “Hello World” and also don’t try to impress him by trying to write the much higher complex program from Dynamic Programming or Trees. Try to take a program like “Check whether the given number is prime or not”, “Check whether the given number is Armstrong or not”, ” Print all prime numbers in given range”. They asked questions from subjects, preferred language and OOPS. They asked me many questions about JAVA.

I was asked the following questions :

  1. What is the difference between interface and abstract class?
  2. How can constructors be overridden?(Trick Question)
  3. What if we replace ‘public’ with ‘private’ in “public static void main”?
  4. What is static in “public static void main”?
  5. Can you overload functions from another package or API?

They also ask questions from your CV so prepare accordingly for whatever you’ve written in the resume. Try to be as interactive as possible and avoid using Hindi or your native language. Try to answer only in English and if you can’t form the sentence at an instant try to take a little bit of pause and then answer. Maintain confidence as well as eye contact.

They asked some rhetorical questions such as, “What would you do if your manager will bully you?”, “What would you do if we put in you testing department?”, “What if we put you in a project which is not interesting?”. This is mainly to check your presence of mind and your attitude.

Many students were removed from this round.


This is the HR round. Every student who reached this round was selected. No rejections were done from this round. There were mainly 3 questions

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why should we hire you?
  3. Why Capgemini?

HR may also ask questions about the company and recent technologies. So prepare accordingly.

It was a mass recruitment so may students were placed. My advice is to keep calm and prepare basic questions from subjects like Operating System, Compiler design, and DBMS along with questions from your preferred programming language. They are not looking for hardcore programmers so don’t try to flaunt it even if your coding skills are more than average. Maintain eye contact and practice on your communication skills.


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Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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