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Capgemini Interview Experience | Set 3 (Associate Consultant)
  • Last Updated : 13 Dec, 2017

Round 1: The first 2 rounds wre similar to this one.

Round 2: The second round was just for 4-5 minutes. First he asked me introduce myself then he started with stack and queue and how can we use them in Operating System. Then he asked what is the difference between c and java and what is object oriented programming. Then what is mysql and where we use it. Then he saw calculus on my cv and asked me how good I am with calculus. I said medium and he asked me an Integral question (integral 1/1+x^2).

Round 3: HR was just for formality. Why Capgemini. Why should we hire you. Tell me about yourself. how many Interviews you had before this and why didn’t they selected you.Tell me about your family. Is mumbai ok for you ?

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