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Capgemini Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020-21

Last Updated : 28 Oct, 2020
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Hello everyone, recently being hired as a fresher in Capgemini as a data analyst for the upcoming year 2021. So, Capgemini had come to our college for the virtual campus recruitment, the company had asked to fill all the details on the superset platform.

After that our online test was scheduled and the duration of the test was 2 hours. The test consisted of four different sections. 

  1. The first section was about technical MCQs, it was a simple round just you need to predict the outputs of the program and some were from data structure like sorting, B trees, etc. 
  2. The second section was about verbal aptitude it consisted of about 25 questions and the questions were like reading comprehension, direct and indirect speech, antonym, synonym, etc. 
  3. The third section was actually a game-based aptitude which was a new type of round introduced as such. It basically consisted of 4 different games. 
  4. The fourth section was a basic HR question type section, it was not a filtration round, it was for checking your behavioural attitude. Each round was having a sectional cut-off except the last section, if you fail to clear any of the sections you will be out from the test.

After that, the students who clear all the four sections will be called for the interview. Interviews were held on superset platform and it consisted of technical + HR round.

Technical Interview (10 minutes): The interviewer was very cool. He first asked me to introduce myself. He then looked at my resume I had mentioned my 6 projects in the resume. He had just asked me about my 4 projects one by one. He was very impressed by my projects. At last, he asked if I have any questions.

HR Round (10 minutes): It consisted of basic HR questions such as why Capgemini, relocation, bond, where do you see yourself after 5 years.

That’s it if you are able to clear their online test that is more than enough for you, their interview process is very easy. Out of 52 students who got shortlisted for interviews,43 students got selected for the position.

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