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Capgemini Interview Experience (Off-Campus 2020)

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Round 1: Online Test

Eligibility to appear in their online test was a minimum 60 per cent overall with no active backlog and maximum one year gap. the online test was conducted by Capgemini at their given centre (mine was techno international, Newtown).  The test contains :

i) Aptitude– moderate level, the questions were generally from percentages, profit and loss, time and work. about 15 questions were asked. Try to do fast. don’t stick at one question. here time matters.

ii) Logical Reasoning– 15 questions were asked from this section. This section was easy.

iii) English – 20 questions of moderate level.

iv) Essay writing – 200 words, a  random topic was chosen. don’t do any grammatical mistake here. try to write with simple words. remember you are not writing a novel here and time is a big factor here.

after all these, you have to submit and wait for 2 min. If you clear the cut-off then you will proceed further. this was a big elimination round from my test room almost 10 students among 100 cleared the cut-off and proceed further for the next online coding test which was the pseudo-code test.

v) Pseudo-code round, questions were asked from the data structure, oops and c programming, questions were pretty easy but were a little time-consuming. you have to answer 25 mcq questions in just 25 min. I answered almost 15 questions and cleared both the test and was selected for the next round. They declare the answer in 30 min and told us to wait in a room because our technical interview will start shortly. though we have to wait for almost 5 hours.

Round 2: Technical Interview: 

the interview started with shell scripting, then he asked some basic c question, some oops concepts, dynamic memory, sorting, a very easy code, then he comes to my project and asked some question from DBMS and SQL. he just tests how confidently I answered and tried to trick me by some trap. Don’t panic just give your answer straight forward. they asked the easy question with a little trick.

after one more hour, I got the result that I was a technical select and told me to come tomorrow at 12. this whole day was a very hectic day, I reported at 8 am and was leaving there at 11 pm, so be prepared they also take your stress and pressure test also.

60 among 100 students was selected in the technical round.

Round 3: HR Round: they gave us an official form which we have to fill up and have to ready with additional documents like – 1) identity card, 2) mark sheets etc. I saw the very worst management condition there. only one person was taking the interview of almost 500 students so normally she was very tired and bored. at 7 pm (after waiting 6 hours) I entered the room and the first question was tell me about yourself, She checked all the documents and asked that I am ready to relocate and flexible about the shifts or not, I told her that I am ready to relocate. she also asked about my extra-curricular activity and I told her that I was a member of the drama club and played drama in my college. I looked that she was impressed.  everything has gone perfectly ok but don’t know why she told me that “you can leave for the day”(which is a formal way to tell that you are rejected)

alas!  after all this hustle I was rejected in the hr round. Almost 450 among 500 was selected for the job. But almost 3k student came for the off campusing and I have gone a long way there, so it’s ok.

Some suggestions :

be calm and cool. Just give your best during the online test and afterwards all will be easy. though a job depends on luck. still don’t lose hope.

Practice aptitude question daily, Brush up Ds Algo and OOPs concepts. ready your final year project.



Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2020
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