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Capgemini Interview Experience for Senior Analyst

Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2021
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Capgemini came to Jadavpur University to hire students for the role of Senior Analyst. It consisted of two rounds.

Round 1:

  • It was an elimination round where a majority of students were rejected. It had several sections. The first section was coding, which was followed by English and which was followed by Game-Based Aptitude Round. In the Coding round, there were three questions. All were mostly easy. Only one question was a bit tricky.
  • Altogether it was doable. In the English round, there were typical Verbal Ability questions. Reading Comprehension, Synonym, Antonym, Syllogism were a few of the topics. You can easily practice these questions from online resources like
  • There was no Quantitative Aptitude. Each round in the test was preliminary in nature. If you don’t qualify around, you will not be taken to the next round.

Round 2: Game-based

  • This is a very unique round in Capgemini. It is not seen in other companies. All you need to ace this round is a little practice. There are several rounds in this Game Based Aptitude that tests several of your thinking abilities. You can check out a video by FacePrep on Youtube which is pretty good to tell you the way to attempt these questions. One of the Games was a Sudoku-type game. So, yes, if you are good at Sudoku, you can easily clear it.
  • Another game was solving whether two figures are symmetrical, followed by a dot. After a few such sets, you need to tell the order of the dots based on the position. If this round sounds confusing, let me tell you this was the hardest of all rounds. Another game was finding similarities in a matrix pattern. It was really easy.
  • After the game round, there is a Behavioral Round. It is a non-preliminary round. Here, you are basically given two questions and you need to tilt your balance in favor of either. This was quite length and tiresome, but since it does not carry any weightage, you need not worry.
  • Once you clear all the rounds and are shortlisted, you will get to know the same from your College Placement Cell and TPO. You will then be scheduled to take the interview on the Superset Platform. In our college, around 77 people were shortlisted for the Interviews

Round 3:

Here, we only had to face one interview. Might not be the case for all. They decided not to take any separate HR round and instead combine the Technical and HR together. The interviewer called me through the Superset platform. I received it. The interviewer greeted me with “Hello! Good Morning, How are you?” I responded with ” I am fine Sir”. He was really polite and even asked whether I had my breakfast. The questions which he asked were rather basic. As I was not from the circuital branch he did not go too deep into the discussion.

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • Which languages do you know
  • What are Classes and Object
  • What is an array
  • What are Loops
  • What are Conditional Statements
  • How many Conditional statements do you know
  • The difference between while and do-while
  • Do you know DBMS( I was not much confident so said no)
  • Why Capgemini
  • Have you done any coding project
  • What are your short term goals
  • Tell a situation where you showed leadership skills
  • Do you have questions

It seemed as if they wanted to recruit many. Most of the people were asked basic questions and HR questions. They were looking for people with strong communication skills. I asked him the technologies that one works with within this profile. To which he replied, “We are mass hiring across campuses. Once you are recruited, you will undergo training, and then based on the performance you will be allocated to different projects”.

Some important takeaways:

  1. Never be too friendly with the interviewer. Stay professional.
  2. The DBMS and SQL are very important.
  3. You should have some projects.
  4. Your communication skill needs to be strong.
  5. The chances depend on the requirement.

I hope this clears your doubts. In the end, I was selected. A total of 49 people from our University were selected whereas around 77 had qualified for the interview.

All the best for your efforts.

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