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Capgemini Interview Experience for Senior Analyst Role | On-Campus 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2021
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Capgemini visited our campus in September 2022 for the role of Senior Analyst. You need to register on the superset portal the link will be provided by your institute. The selection process consists of 3 Rounds.

Round 1: Coding round 

  • The first Round was a coding question that consists of 3 coding questions which need to be done in 75 minutes. The 2 questions were very easy and one was medium.  Try to do more than 2 questions
  • Just practice some basic questions from GFG like prime numbers, counting frequencies of elements in an array, printing the floating value up to one decimal, you can practice similar kinds of questions that will be more than enough.

Round 2: English Game-based + Behavioural 

English Test :

It consists of 30 questions for 30 min. The questions were easy though you need to revise some topics, it includes questions from

  • Active – passive voice
  • Direct indirect
  • passages
  • sentence correction
  • fact, inference, judgment
  • Vocabulary

Gaming section :

  • There were  5 games, In each game, you need to play as many levels as you can in the given time. The games will be very easy, there will be a tutorial also for every game so don’t worry about it. 
  • The games will be based on memory, motion and mirror images, etc. You can find many videos on youtube and make sure to see the latest videos only.

Behavioral round :

  • Here you will be given 100 questions and the question will be like, 
  • You are a team player? you need to select one of the options from agreeing, disagree, strongly Agree, and Neither Agree nor Disagree. 
  • Try to be honest and give your own opinion on every question.

NOTE: All the rounds are web-proctored so be honest while writing the exam.

Round 3: Interview

  • The first two rounds are for everyone and results will be based on both rounds ( coding + Game ), After 7 to 8 days we got the mail for an interview, out of 70 students who appeared first 2 rounds,16 were shortlisted for the interview. This was the final round.
  • My interview was scheduled from 12 to 1 pm, on the superset platform but the interviewer joined at 12:35 pm, so you need to wait patiently it can take time.
  • I joined the meeting and greeted the interviewer.
  • Interviewer: Let’s start with a  brief introduction 
  • I introduced myself 
  • Interviewer: Let me introduce myself 
  • Then she introduced herself 
  • Interviewer: Tell me something about your project what is the use of it?
  • Interviewer: Is it a group or individual project?
  • Interviewer: what you had learned from the internship?
  • Interviewer: As you have done the internship virtually, how it would have been if it was offline? 
  • Interviewer: what languages do you know?
  • I said c++, python.
  • Interviewer: Not technical languages 🙂
  • Then I said Hindi, English…
  • Interviewer: what do you know about Capgemini?
  • Interviewer: family background?
  • Interviewer: Any questions?
  • I was very fortunate to have an interviewer like her, she was very polite, It was like a friendly conversation between us. 
  • Similar kind of questions was asked to my friends also. 

Finally out of 16 students 13 were selected and I was one of them, The next day, we got the results from our top.

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