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Capgemini Interview Experience for Analyst (On-Campus) 2022

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Experience: Fresher

Capgemini visits our campus every year and is one of the most popular mass recruiters. They come to hire freshers majorly for 2 roles: Sr Analyst and Analyst roles. The first and foremost step for applying to this company is via the Superset login page. Generally, the hiring process of Capgemini has 3 rounds:

  • Online Assessment
  • Technical Interview
  • HR round

Online assessment: The OA consists of 4 sections:

  • Quantitative Aptitude((30 Qs, 30 mins),
  • Verbal English(30 Qs, 30 mins),
  • Game-based Aptitude Test (20-24 mins),
  • and 2 Coding questions.

The level of difficulty of OA is moderate.

In Game-based aptitude, you will have to play 4 random games curated by the company and score maximum within the given time period.

Some of the games are similar to dot games, unlocking the wooden block puzzle, etc. But don’t worry these games aren’t that tricky, with little focus anyone can score great in this section. I referred to for practice and is enough for OA.

Technical Interview: After qualifying for the OA, I was selected for the Analyst role.

  • My interview was scheduled within 2-3 days on the Superset web app.
  • My interview lasted for abt 30 mins. I was asked to give a brief introduction about myself and then further I was asked questions on Computer fundamentals like OOPs, DBMS, and some DSA concepts(linked lists, arrays, sorting, queues, etc).
  • This round was quite smooth and the interviewer was also friendly.

Pro Tip- Just be confident and say No if you don’t know the answer to any question.

Got shortlisted for the HR round!!

HR Round: In this round, I was asked to introduce myself by the HR manager. He asked me questions to test my knowledge about the company’s background and values and some more behavioral questions regarding teamwork and time management. He even asked me about my college experiences in teamwork.

Pro Tip: Always tell a story that is believable and keep it short but descriptive!

Outcome: Got Selected 🙂 !!

  • The overall procedure was quite smooth and for anyone whose preparing for it, my suggestion would be to focus on CS fundamentals and basic DSA concepts.
  • And most importantly, do ask them a question if they ask if we have any questions for them.
  • It shows them your interest to join the company. Once you’re done with the things mentioned you are good to go!

All the best !!! 🙂

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Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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