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Capgemini Interview Experience

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I participated in Capgemini On Campus Placement. It was day 1 of Campus Placement and all of us were excited as well as nervous about the Placements. The level of competition is pretty high, so me and my friends prepared for the on-campus placement from the Online Placement Preparation website such as m4math, FACE Prep, Conduira, etc. The good part was that we could find all relevant articles and how-tos about the placement while practicing the aptitude.

Round 1: It was an online aptitude test that had 5 sections – Quants, English, Logical reasoning, Essay writing, and Pseudo Code test. The online test was conducted by Cubes. The aptitude test had an aptitude and a logical test. 32 questions in 50 minutes. So I was able to manage the time well and the questions were not too difficult. Then we had essay writing, it was for 30 minutes. Only 1 essay was given. The essay round is easy, but you need to be careful of grammatical mistakes. I had practiced a lot of Aptitude Questions by giving Free Mocks on  m4maths and Faceprep. 

Round 2: Out of 430 people who wrote the test, only 127 were shortlisted for the Technical pseudo-code test. I had practiced my Pseudo code test from FACE Prep. Then, we had a pseudo-code test and it had questions based on C, C++, and data structures. You need to practice well in this section. Rest all are easy.

Round 3: Results of this round were announced and around 80 people got selected for Interviews. We had the interview on the same day. Almost everyone had both rounds of interviews. In the interview, I was asked these questions

  1. How are duplicates removed from a given array in Java?
  2. Write a method that will remove any given character from a String
  3. What is a Servlet?

I stumbled a little in writing the code but the logic that I had studied from Conduira was correct which impressed the panel enough. The next round was HR and it went very smoothly. The interviewer asked me about my hometown and my college life and asked why I want to join Tech Mahindra. He also asked some very common questions like

  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  • Are you planning on studying further?
  • Are you comfortable with relocation?
  • Do you have any questions for me? (Always keep at least 3 questions ready for this round, I asked him how was his experience in Capgemini to which he gave a very positive response)

Thorough research about the company website – Capgemini helped me in this round. After a few days, we were notified of the results and I was shortlisted and soon received the offer letter!

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Last Updated : 17 May, 2022
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