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Capgemini Interview Experience 2021

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Number of Rounds: 3

Aptitude Round:

  1. Coding Aptitude: Mainly there will be pseudo-code and you have to choose the output in the other hand you have to find the error written in program. There will be 15 basic questions from the algorithm based on the complexity recurrence problem. This is an elimination round.
  2. Verbal: This round was a little tough Here three comprehension will be given, and they are not so have to do it in time and there will be fill in the blanks and some grammar question. I will suggest you to go for the grammar first then fill in the blanks with appropriate word and at last go for the comprehension. The paragraphs were so long and it was a bit tough for non-English background student and more than 50% student eliminated in this round .
  3. Game: This round was fun but you have to be careful also. This will be like a mental ability test. Here you have to play games based on grid, motion, and memory also. There will be a game-like mirror image water image and you have to pass in one level and you will go to the next. And the time is very less than 10 sec for each level most probably. Be careful and be focus otherwise there is a chance to eliminate in this round also.
  4. Psychometric test: Basically In this round 100 psychometric questions were there to check your mental setup. This is not an elimination round.

Note: If you gave all the rounds that doesn’t mean you are selected because they eliminate in the game round but you’ll get the result after giving the psychometric test only as a final result

Technical Round: Prepare yourself as per your C.V. As there were C and Java in my CV they asked me to write a code very basic code using c and java. It was a pattern. And after that, He asked some basic questions from the c language, and then he moved to DBMS and then to java.

  1. What is RDBMS?
  2. Some SQL queries.
  3. Difference Between Linked List and Array.
  4. What is Data Structure?
  5. Acid Property.
  6. What is oops?
  7. What do you mean by inheritance and polymorphism?
  8. What is a pointer?
  9. And some very basic questions of programming like a loop, nested loop, sub-queries, etc.

It was approx a 20-25 min Interview. I have answered all of them successfully. And within 30 min I got a call for an HR interview.

HR Round: It was a formality for me. She asked me to give an introduction and describe my project. And then she was asking if I’m willing to relocate or not etc.

All The Best. 🙂

Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2021
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