Capgemini Interview Experience 2020

This was a pool campus recruitment drive conducted at the Institute of Innovation and Management (IITM)- Janakpuri, Delhi. The entire process consisted of 4 rounds where each round was an elimination round.

Round 1: Aptitude + Essay

The first round consisted of 15 general aptitude questions to be completed in 50 minutes. The questions were of easy level.

The second part consisted of writing an essay on a given topic in about 150-200 words. The essay won’t be evaluated if it is below the specified number of words. A large section of students was eliminated in this round.

Round 2: Pseudo Code Test

This round involved 25 questions based on C, basic data structures. The questions were of an easy to moderate level. Here time is an important factor because the time per question is very less.

Round 3: Technical Interview

Based on the performance in the previous levels, two profiles were assigned to the qualified students – Infra and Non-Infra. Separate Interviews were conducted for them.

Interviewer was very friendly and asked my favorite programming language.  Then questions based on the projects which I had done like why MySQL used as database etc. Some simple SQL queries. Make sure to be fully prepared with your resume.

Round 4: HR Interview

This was conducted in groups as time was limited and still many students were remaining. She asked each one of us to introduce ourselves. Then did some cross-questioning. Are you okay with relocation? At last, she made us fill a form thus concluding the entire process.

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