Capgemini Interview Experience (2018) (Associate Consultant)

Round 1: Round 1 was held on  cocubes platform. There were 2 sections first aptitude ( 32 questions in 50 mins) and second one was WET (here we have to write an essay of nearly 150-200 words in 30 mins). We had to clear the first round, then only we were permitted to sit for the 2nd round.

Round 2:Round 2 consisted of technical  test. In it we were given multiple choice questions on pseudo codes and some basic concepts of c, c++, data structures, etc.. There were 25 questions in 25 minutes.

Round 3: The 3rd round, which is the technical interview round is comparatively easier than the previous rounds. Here mainly the interviewer checks your communication skills, the approach you use to solve problems, and also the content that is written in your CV. The first question that i was asked  was to tell them about myself that is not on my CV, then he asked me some questions on the extra curricular activities and hobbies that I have mentioned in my CV. At last he checked my skills from the CV and asked me 2 questions on mysql. One on to find  cumulative SUM and another on self joint.

Round 4: Round 4 is the HR round. In this round the interviewer just checked my documents and asked me about my family and if I am having a job at the moment or not.

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