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Can A Returnship Really Help You To Relaunch Your Career?

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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Due to the responsibilities of family and home or other circumstances, many educated people especially women have to leave their jobs and stay at home despite being well qualified. Over 2.6 million women in the US have a master’s or Ph.D. but due to responsibilities, they prefer to stay at home to take care of family members, children, or the elderly. But after the situation becomes normal, when they think about getting the job again, it becomes a hard task due to the long gap in their work

It is for such people who want to re-start their career after a long pause, that a returnship can be very useful. But what’s a returnship? Let’s move forward with this question!

What is a Returnship?

Getting back to a professional job after a long gap is always a hard task. You face a lot of problems in getting your job back and it might also take you years to get the same post as earlier. Returnship is an effective solution in such a scenario.

Returnships are short-term working programs typically like an internship but for people who want to make a return to the professional working life after an extended gap in the job years.

A major difference between interns and people on returnships is that returnship candidates have more experience and knowledge than interns. Returnship candidates might find themselves struggling to fit in the changing work environment and adapt to new technologies but they have significant work knowing that no one can deny.

Now, let’s discuss the elephant in the room. The question in the mind of many people is whether a career can be re-launched by Returnship or not. The answer is simple, yes. Returnship is a successful and effective solution by which you can bring your career back on the way. Let’s understand how!

1. You’ll Learn the Latest Skills

A returnship helps you in learning all the latest trends and skills fast. As you will be starting your work life after a very long time, many things will surely be new for you or maybe even the complete working way will be different as compared to what it was earlier. A returnship significantly helps you in adapting to that environment quickly.

2. You’ll Explore Your Options

With the help of returnship, you can find new options for yourself according to your interest and studies, maybe you will find a new way of working. If the demand for the job you do is low or if that job is not there, then in such a situation, you will have to find a new one and returnship helps you to find that option.

3. You’ll Deepen Your Network

Many times by leaving the old job for a long time, you lose your old status, which reduces your old identity, but by being associated with this returnship, you get an opportunity to stay connected in your network in many ways, so you can easily know about jobs in the related field or your field and according to your career, you can improve your skills further.

4. Opportunity to Get a Job Soon

After spending a long time at home, it is very sad to not get a job as before and get less salary than before. In such a situation, if you keep yourself ready through a returnship, then you’ll definitely get a good opportunity and find a job. With which you can make your career back and live your life by getting a good salary as before.

Tips To Secure a Returnship Opportunity:

Returnships are a significant way to re-start your career for sure but how to execute a successful returnship is still a question. Here are a few tips to secure a successful returnship opportunity:

1. Rebuild Your Resume 

As you are starting your career after a long time, things have surely changed. Therefore, there’s no point in using the old resume to grab jobs in the new era. Research thoroughly about the resume creation trends and rebuild your resume to stand out.

2. Be Prepared For Questions Regarding Your Work Gap

Why’s there a long work gap on your resume?”, this question is inevitable so be prepared with a strong answer to this question. Being honest while answering such questions is a must but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mention what you learned during that period. Maybe you gave that time to some other hobby if so describe it well and mention your learnings.

It doesn’t matter whatever the reason for your long break make sure that you justify that gap properly with your learning. 

2. Be Confident

Getting back to work after a very long time can obviously be a nervous time. Also, there are high chances that you might be facing rejection a couple of times which is completely normal. Just make sure that you don’t lose hope and have confidence in yourself.

A Few Returnship Programs You Can Checkout:

If you are looking for some great returnship programs to start with, here’s a compiled list of some great returnship programs:

  • Cognizant Returnship Program
  • Accenture – Career Reboot for Women
  • Google Next Innings Program
  • Amazon Rekindle Program
  • Microsoft Springboard

All In All

Making a re-entry into a professional work-life is always tough, especially when there’s a vast work gap. But a returnship can really help you in this case. A returnship is a short-term program specifically for those individuals who are seeking a re-start in their professional careers. If you are someone wanting to re-start their career, returnships can be beneficial, for sure.

We certainly hope that this article will clear all your questions regarding the significance of a returnship program and help you in returning to your professional work life.

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