“Campus Content Partner” Program by GeeksforGeeks

About the Program : Campus Content Partner is a stipend based program focused on choosing GeeksforGeeks representatives at various campuses. The chosen CCP will be responsible for building a team of excellent Technical Content Writers in his/her campus.


  1. Invite new authors from your Campus
  2. Educate and enlighten new authors about article writing at GeeksforGeeks in your college
  3. Perform first Review of all the articles written by authors of your College
  4. Conducting workshops for inviting excellent Authors in your College for “Content Writing”.
  5. Write articles at GeeksforGeeks
  6. Involve students from first to final year to actively participate in GeeksforGeeks contributions. Contributions can be manifold like:
    • Articles
    • Technical blogs
    • Projects
    • New programming problems
    • Interview experiences
    • Videos
    • InfoGraphics
    • Programming codes etc

Benefits of joining GeeksforGeeks Campus Content program:

  • Immense learning as you’ll get to write and review technical content regularly
  • Opportunity for Summer / Winter Internships at GeeksforGeeks, Noida
  • Work Experience Certificate to all eligible candidates on successful completion of one year program
  • LinkedIn recommendation to all eligible candidates after completion of program
  • You can credit yourself as a Campus Content Partner in your email signatures, LinkedIn profile, blogs, Facebook pages, personal pages etc

Who can apply?
Students having an experience of “Content Writer” preferably at GeeksforGeeks and have written more than 100 articles.
Apply here
Last Date to apply : 5 April 2018
Please note currently this program can be opted by only 5 students shortlisted by our team on the basis of applications and personal interviews.

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