Calsoft Interview Experience Pool-Campus

The selection procedure comprised of 5 rounds.

Round 1: Apti Round and Basic Coding Knowledge Round – Constituted of MCQ type questions.

Round 2: Machine Round :- Here you will be asked to solve 3 programming questions- In this round if you can create completely error less solution for all the three questions then you can directly join the Company as a Development Engineer in the Fresher Level. If you clear 2 questions then QA Designation.

In my case what I have seen is that, you need to have sound knowledge about the commonly used packages and libraries. Your code might run on a normal compiler that we use in our machine, but that very code might not run on their machine. This is because all the libraries are not present in every programming language option. Initially I chose Java 1.7, there I found that package was missing. So I tried to change it to Java 1.8 and try. But while toggling from one version of Java to the other version, my entire code that I have written on the screen got deleted and did not get back those code and was forced to retype my code. So I spent double time here. The Code was around 100-120 lines.  After toggling that, I got that package and my code ran on that. On the other hand one should also know that Scanner class under util package can also be used for taking user input just like BufferedReader class in

I think they use this special compilers to tests someone.

So main points that you need to keep in mind before appearing in the Machine Round are:-

  1. Keep in mind alternate classes, methods, packages for performing a certain task.
  2. Before toggling from one version of language copy the entire code that you have written.

Round 3: First Round Technical Interview- Here in my case I was asked to explain the coding and it’s workflows and fundamental coding related questions were asked.

Round 4: Second Round Technical Interview- In this round I was asked about my final year project. Questions related to Networking, OS, DBMS was asked mainly.  Other than these I was also asked questions from HTML CSS JavaScript as I used them in the industrial training project that I have done in my final year.

Round 5: HR Interview.

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