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Calendar roll() Method in Java with Examples

Last Updated : 18 Nov, 2019
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The roll(int calndr_field, boolean up_down) method in Calendar class is used to operate on the passed calendar field by moving the passed field, up or down by a single unit of time. This involves addition or subtraction of the time field without changing the larger fields.


public abstract void roll(int calndr_field, boolean up_down)

Parameters: The method takes two parameters:

  • calndr_field: This is of Calendar type and refers to the field of the calendar that is to be operated upon.
  • up_down: This is of the boolean type that is used to indicate whether to move calndr_field up or down or to increase or decrease. The true indicates adding a unit of time and false subtracts the same.

Return Value: The method does not return any value.

Below programs illustrate the working of roll() Method of Calendar class:
Example 1:

// Java code to illustrate
// isSet() method
import java.util.*;
public class Calendar_Demo {
    public static void main(String args[])
        // Creating a calendar
        Calendar calndr = Calendar.getInstance();
        // Displaying the month
        System.out.println("The Current Month"
                           + " is: "
                           + calndr.get(
        // Incrementing the month
        // true indicates addition
        calndr.roll(Calendar.MONTH, true);
        // Displaying the result after operation
        System.out.println("The New Month is: "
                           + calndr.get(
        // Decrementing the month
        // false indicates subtraction
        calndr.roll(Calendar.MONTH, false);
        // Displaying the result after operation
        System.out.println("The new month is: "
                           + calndr.get(


The Current Year is: 2019
The New Year is: 2018
The new year is: 2019

Example 2:


The Current Month is: 1
The New Month is: 2
The new month is: 1


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