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Calculating Areas Of Different Shapes Using Python

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  • Last Updated : 07 Jun, 2022

We are going to make a Python program for Calculating Areas Of some mathematical Shapes.


Input: shape name = "Rectangle"
       length = 10
       breadth = 15
Output: Area: 150

Input: shape name = "Square"
       side = 10
Output: Area: 100


In this program, We will ask the user to input the shape’s name. If it exists in our program then we will proceed to find the entered shape’s area according to their respective formulas. If that shape doesn’t exist then we will print “Sorry! We cannot find this shape.” message on the screen.

Below is the implementation:


# define a function for calculating
# the area of a shapes
def calculate_area(name):\
  # converting all characters
  # into lower cases
  name = name.lower()
  # check for the conditions
  if name == "rectangle":
    l = int(input("Enter rectangle's length: "))
    b = int(input("Enter rectangle's breadth: "))
    # calculate area of rectangle
    rect_area = l * b
    print(f"The area of rectangle is
  elif name == "square":
    s = int(input("Enter square's side length: "))
    # calculate area of square
    sqt_area = s * s
    print(f"The area of square is
  elif name == "triangle":
    h = int(input("Enter triangle's height length: "))
    b = int(input("Enter triangle's breadth length: "))
    # calculate area of triangle
    tri_area = 0.5 * b * h
    print(f"The area of triangle is
  elif name == "circle":
    r = int(input("Enter circle's radius length: "))
    pi = 3.14
    # calculate area of circle
    circ_area = pi * r * r
    print(f"The area of circle is
  elif name == 'parallelogram':
    b = int(input("Enter parallelogram's base length: "))
    h = int(input("Enter parallelogram's height length: "))
    # calculate area of parallelogram
    para_area = b * h
    print(f"The area of parallelogram is
    print("Sorry! This shape is not available")
# driver code
if __name__ == "__main__" :
  print("Calculate Shape Area")
  shape_name = input("Enter the name of shape whose area you want to find: ")
  # function calling




Calculate Shape Area
Enter the name of shape whose area you want to find: rectangle
Enter rectangle's length: 10
Enter rectangle's breadth: 15
The area of rectangle is 150.




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