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Cadence Interview Experience | Software Developer C++

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 04 Apr, 2019

Hi, I was recently interviewed for Software Developer position for Cadence Design Systems (Location: Bangalore) and got selected. I have 2.5-year experience in C++. Following were interview questions-

One telephonic round followed by 3 F2F interviews.

Round 1 (Telephonic Round):

    1. Place even numbers at even indexes and odd numbers at odd indexes, given that the number of odd numbers may or may not be equal to the number of even numbers. Extra odd/even number should be placed at the end of the array.
      Input : arr[] = {3, 6, 12, 1, 5, 8}
      Output : 6 3 12 1 8 5 
      Input : arr[] = {10, 9, 7, 18, 12, 19, 4, 20, 6, 14}
      Output : 10 9 18 7 20 19 4 12 14 6 

      For an equal number of odd numbers and even numbers – even-numbers-even-index-odd-numbers-odd-index

    2. Find the height of a tree
    3. sum-minimum-maximum-elements-subarrays-size-k
    4. What all are the sorting algorithms do you know? Implement any sorting algorithm.

Round 2 :

This round was completely based on C++ concepts.

    1. How does the map [STL Library] work? What is the time complexity of its implementation? – Map in C++
    2. Above question leads to the red-black tree – it’s working and properties.
    3. What is a const member functions? –const-member-functions-c
    4. What is polymorphism? How it can be achieved in C++?
    5. Deep discussion on virtual function vtable and a virtual destructor with code. How memory allocation happens for parent object and child object. – virtual-function-c++
    6. Why virtual destructor is required? –  virtual-destructor
    7. Functors-in-c++

Round 3:

    1. the kth largest element in an unsorted array
    2. Discussion on the first question and leads to the implementation of the quicksort algorithm.
    3. How does heap sort work? Implement heap sort for the given array.

Round 4:

    1. merge-k-sorted-arrays-set-2-different-sized-arrays
    2. Long discussion on current work and project.

At last HR round was done next week. Received offer.

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