Cadence Interview Experience | Set 3 (For 6 Years Experienced)

Round 1:

Loop in linked list [Iterative + recursion] {Why fast pointer is moved only by 2}
Strtok function { Thread, Process, PCB table},
Can strtok be used with threads
virtual table advantage and disadvantage
puzzle [some hints provided]
Round 2:
Work experience
Design an interace that show list of names and server submits list of names to user [Optimise the communication]
Add 2 numbers represented by linked list [some basic optmisation]

Round 3:
C memory map
Copy linked list with random pointer
String is coming in reverse fashion print words using recursion
2 more puzzles[1 mathematical , 1 strategy]
Templates advantage and disadvantage

Round 4:

Optimise the equation with C compiler point of view wher x is variable and abcdef are constatnts Ax5 + bx4 + cx3 + dx2 + ex + f Ans. :- 4
Check if point is inside a rectangle, check if 2 rectangle intersect [minimize conditions required to check]

Personal experience
Some major problem faced in working experience in mediatek, how i solved it, how many people involved in solving, Any help from manager
SQA tools used

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