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Cadence Interview Experience for Software Engineer

Last Updated : 09 May, 2021
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Cadence Design Systems, Bangalore | Software Engineer I (C/C++) | 2021

Position: Software Engineer 

Experience: 6 months.

Location: Bangalore 

Interview Process :

  • Call from a recruiter to schedule interviews.
  • Technical Interview.
  • HR Discussions

The Technical Round is processed as follows:

Round 1(Online): The interviewer was from Bangalore and this round went about 1 hour.

Round 2(Online): The interviewer was from Mountain View, California. Duration 1 hours. Huge debate about CVs, projects, internships, and previous experiences (20 min). after this he asked three questions:

  1. Virtual Function and Virtual Table Concepts in C++, as well as Polymorphism
  2. Given an infinite stream of integers, print the maximum three integers in the stream as you progress along with their position in the stream each time.
  3. Function( T &&x ) What does this && represent here? [Note: it is not Logical AND operator]

Round 3(Online): There was a lot of discussion about CVs, projects, internships, past experiences, and academic courses (30 min)

Round 4(Online): The interviewer was from San Jose, California. Duration: 1 hour.

  • Reference Count, Smart Pointers, and Garbage Collection (both in C++ and Java) along with the internal workings of Java’s GC algorithm)
  • In the singly linked list, add/delete at the beginning, add/delete at the end.
  • For each function, try to O(1). The node structure cannot be changed. [Tip. Make it a linked list that is circular]

HR discussions: 2 Rounds(10-15 min each)

  • HR asked some behavioral questions
  • General discussion about the company and its opportunity.

Verdict: Accepted – Got the Offer

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