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Project Idea | (Ca-solutions)

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Ca-solutions basically stands for cable solutions which deals with solutions related to cables. From this application customer can send online complaints to the administrator regardless of calling or by meeting him at his office. Further when the complaint has been registered administrator can view the complaint in his database.
As soon as customer registers a complaint an automated message is sent to the customer which contains his ticket no for future reference. Further Administrator issues the complaint to the ideal lineman through this application. And as soon as the complaint is allotted to a lineman an automated message is sent to lineman about the ticket no and allotted time to solve the issue. When customer closes the complaint through this application again an automated message along with a mail is sent to both admin and lineman.
So basically Ca-solutions revolve around 3 modules i.e Admin, Lineman and Customer. All of these have different database which are interlinked with each other.


Admin Module

  1. Registers a customer by filling basic details and provides with username/password.
  2. Logins to see the registered complaint
  3. Registers a Lineman by filling basic details and provides with username/password.
  4. Can reset his password only through his registered mail account to enhance security.
  5. Allots complaints to the Ideal lineman.
  6. Closes the  Final ticket when it is resolved.
  7. Can reset passwords of both customer and lineman.

Customer module

  1. Can update his details and photograph.
  2. Can lock a complaint regarding is issue with the cable.
  3. Comment and feedback when the ticket is closed.

Lineman Module

  1. Can see the complaints allotted to him.
  2. Can update his details and photograph.
  3. Can close the primary ticket when resolved but the final one is only resolved by admin.
  4. Can update the Status of the complaint and call breaches to admin if it is not resolved in given time.


JSP, Servlets, AJAX, Netbeans, Gmail-API,Dreamweaver.

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Last Updated : 08 Mar, 2016
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