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What is the output of following program?

void swap(char *str1, char *str2)
  char *temp = str1;
  str1 = str2;
  str2 = temp;
int main()
  char *str1 = "Geeks";
  char *str2 = "Quiz";
  swap(str1, str2);
  printf("str1 is %s, str2 is %s", str1, str2);
  return 0;

(A) str1 is Quiz, str2 is Geeks
(B) str1 is Geeks, str2 is Quiz
(C) str1 is Geeks, str2 is Geeks
(D) str1 is Quiz, str2 is Quiz

Answer: (B)

Explanation: The above swap() function doesn’t swap strings. The function just changes local pointer variables and the changes are not reflected outside the function. See following for more details.


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