C# | Math.BigMul() Method

In C#, BigMul() is a method class method. This method is used to compute the full product of two 32-bit numbers.


public static long BigMul(int a, int b)


a: It is the first number to be multiplied and the type of this parameter is System.Int32.
b: It is the Second number to be multiplied and the type of this parameter is System.Int32.

Return Type: This method returns a number containing the product of the specified numbers and return type of this method is System.Int64.






// C# program to demonstarte the 
// Math.BigMul() method
using System;
namespace ConsoleApplication1 {
class Geeks {
    // Main Method
    static void Main(string[] args)
        // defining two variable of type
        //  System.Int32
        Int32 x1 = 233232322;
        Int32 x2 = 189222338;
        // Using BigMul( ) method and storing 
        // result into a long(Int64) variable
        long product = Math.BigMul(x1, x2);
        // Getting the output
        Console.WriteLine("The product of the two numbers is " + product);



The product of the two numbers is 44132765266008836
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