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C# ICollection.IsSynchronized Property with Examples

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  • Last Updated : 18 Feb, 2022

ICollection is an interface that contains size, enumerations, and synchronization methods for all nongeneric collections. It is the base interface for classes in System.Collections namespace. IsSynchronized is also a property of the ICollection interface. This property in C# is defined under System.Collections namespace and a part of System.Runtime.dll assembly. It is used to check whether the access to the ICollection is thread-safe i.e, synchronized or not. It will return true if the access to the IsCollection is thread-safe. Otherwise, it will return false. 


public bool IsSynchronized { get; }

Return type: The return type of this property is Boolean, i.e. either true or false. It will return true if the access to the IsCollection is thread-safe (or synchronized). Or it will return false when the access to the IsCollection is not thread-safe (or non-synchronized)

Example: In this example, we have initialized str with string literals. Then, we are passing it to the Display() function as a parameter. Display() method accepts it as an ICollection interface. Finally, we have used ICollection.IsSynchronized property on it.


// C# program to demonstrate the working of
// ICollection.IsSynchronized property
using System;
using System.Collections;
class GFG {
// Display function
public static void Display(ICollection iCollection)
    // Apply iCollection.IsSynchronized property 
    // on the ICollection interface
    Console.WriteLine("IsSynchronized: {0}",
// Driver code
static public void Main()
    // Initializing a string array
    string[] str = { "Bhuwanesh", "Nainwal"
                     "Harshit", "Nainwal" };
    // Calling display function 


IsSynchronized: False
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