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C# | Byte.MinValue Field

  • Last Updated : 23 Apr, 2019

The MinValue field of Byte Struct is used to represent the minimum possible value of byte data type. The value of this field is constant means that a user cannot change the value of this field. The value of this field is 0.


public const byte MinValue = 0;

Return Value: This field always returns 0.


// C# program to illustrate the
// Byte.MinValue field
using System;
class GFG {
    // Main Method
    static public void Main()
        // display the Minimum value of Byte struct
        Console.WriteLine("Minimum Value is: " + Byte.MinValue);
        // Taking an array of the
        // integers
        int[] num = {12, 45, 1235, 5342};
        // taking variable of Byte type
        byte mynum;
        foreach(int n in num)
            if (n >= Byte.MinValue && n <= Byte.MaxValue)
                // using the method of Convert class
                mynum = Convert.ToByte(n);
                Console.WriteLine("Conversion is Possible.");
                Console.WriteLine("Not Possible");


Minimum Value is: 0
Conversion is Possible.
Conversion is Possible.
Not Possible
Not Possible


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