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C# | Boolean.CompareTo(Boolean) Method

  • Last Updated : 06 Jan, 2022

Boolean.CompareTo(Boolean) Method is used to compare the current instance to a specified Boolean object and returns an indication of their relative values.


public int CompareTo (bool value);

Here, the value is a Boolean object to compare to the current instance.

Return Value: This method returns a 32-bit signed integer that indicates the relative order of this instance and value

  • Less than zero: If this instance is false and value is true.
  • Zero: If this instance and value are equal (either both are true or both are false).
  • Greater than zero: If this instance is true and value is false.



// C# program to demonstrate
// Boolean.CompareTo(Boolean)
// Method
using System;
class GFG {
    // Main Method
    public static void Main()
        // Declaring val1 and val2
        bool val1, val2;
        // initializing the val1,
        // and val2
        val1 = true;
        val2 = false;
        // using CompareTo method
        int i = val2.CompareTo(val1);
        // checking the condition
        if (i > 0)
            Console.Write("val2 is greater than val1");
        else if (i < 0)
            Console.Write("val2 is less than val1");
            Console.Write("val1 is equal to val1");
val2 is less than val1




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