C program to Check Whether a Number is Positive or Negative or Zero

Given a number A. The task is to check whether A is positive, negative or zero.


Input: A = 2
Output: 2 is positive

Input: A = -554
Output: -554 is negative

In the below program, to find whether A is positive, negative or zero; first the number is taken as input from the user using scanf in A, and then A is checked for positive using if-elsestatement and >, < and == operators.

Below is the C program to find whether a number is positive, negative or zero.





#include <stdio.h>
int main()
    int A;
    printf("Enter the number A: ");
    scanf("%d", &A);
    if (A > 0)
        printf("%d is positive.", A);
    else if (A < 0)
        printf("%d is negative.", A);
    else if (A == 0)
        printf("%d is zero.", A);
    return 0;



Enter the number A =: -54
-54 is negative.

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