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C-DOT interview Experience | Set 3

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2017

There were no written Round. Resume based sorting for interviews.

Round ( Tech + HR )

Q.1 Tell me about all core subjects.
They asked me about my previous semester subject and some stuff related to that.
Q.2 My projects and intern project(mostly focused on).
Q.3 Coding question :
A road about x km and Your friend was either right or left side of your position. you have to determine
your friend’s position .
( they asked me to use only graph )
Q.4 indexing and hashing in dbms.
Q.5 computer networks and security (specially SHA-256 and asymmetric key encyption)
Q.6 Difference between switch and bridge.

C-Dot question generally related to your profile. They ask random question.
Selection procedure after interview not depend on your interview performance.

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