C++ | Class and Object | Question 5

Assume that an integer and a pointer each takes 4 bytes. Also, assume that there is no alignment in objects.

Predict the output following program.





using namespace std;
class Test
    static int x;
    int *ptr;
    int y;
int main()
    Test t;
    cout << sizeof(t) << " ";
    cout << sizeof(Test *);


(A) 12 4
(B) 12 12
(C) 8 4
(D) 8 8

Answer: (C)

Explanation: For a compiler where pointers take 4 bytes, the statement “sizeof(Test *)” returns 4 (size of the pointer ptr).

The statement “sizeof(t)” returns 8. Since static is not associated with each object of the class, we get (8 not 12).

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