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C Quiz – 102 | Question 2

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In the context of the following printf() in C, pick the best statement.

i) printf("%d",8);
ii) printf("%d",090);
iii) printf("%d",00200);
iv) printf("%d",0007000);

(A) Only i) would compile. And it will print 8.
(B) Both i) and ii) would compile. i) will print 8 while ii) will print 90
(C) All i), ii), iii) and iv) would compile successfully and they will print 8, 90, 200 & 7000 respectively.
(D) Only i), iii) and iv) would compile successfully. They will print 8, 128 and 3584 respectively.

Answer: (D)


As per C standard, “An octal constant consists of the prefix 0 optionally followed by a sequence of the digits 0 through 7 only.

So 090 isn’t valid because 0 prefix is used for octal but 9 isn’t valid octal-digit.

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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