C Quiz – 101 | Question 1

Suppose that in a C program snippet, followings statements are used.





i) sizeof(int);
ii) sizeof(int*);
iii) sizeof(int**);


Assuming size of pointer is 4 bytes and size of int is also 4 bytes, pick the most correct answer from the given options.
(A) Only i) would compile successfully and it would return size as 4.
(B) i), ii) and iii) would compile successfully and size of each would be same i.e. 4
(C) i), ii) and iii) would compile successfully but the size of each would be different and would be decided at run time.
(D) ii) and iii) would result in compile error but i) would compile and result in size as 4.

Answer: (B)

Explanation: Size of all pointer types is same.

And whether it is a ‘pointer to char’ or ‘pointer to int’ or ‘pointer to pointer to int’, the size always remain same.

That’s why all i), ii) and iii) would compile successfully and would result in same size value of 4.

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