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BYJU’s Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 31 Dec, 2020
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BYJU’s selection process consist of two rounds:

  • Group Discussion
  • Personal Interview

Group Discussion: Here 20 students are collected to form one group. Then topic allotment is done by the BYJU’s head. The topic given to my group was “should India go cashless or not”. Then one minute time was given to think and then 15 mins to start the gd deliver your contents and then conclude it.  

Personal Interview: In PI I was asked some questions-

  1. Introduce yourself? Mentioned my name. I am pursuing my B.Tech from NMIET with an aggregate of 7.66CGPA. I am interested in Playing cricket, Listening to music, Traveling around the world.
  2. Sell me a pen? I answered confidently Using simple sentences and humor to communicate my idea. I said that – last week I sold 10 boxes of good quality pens to Singhania’s office and This is my last piece. You can try it for a week and then pay me the price after one week. If you don’t have a good experience then let me know I’ll come to pick it up and it won’t cost you.”  
  3. What do you know about BYJU’s? BYJU’s is a Learning App and is the common brand name for Think and Learn Private Ltd.  Shah Rukh Khan as its brand ambassador and the Indian cricket team’s t-shirt is sponsored by BYJU’s.  
  4. Difference between marketing and sales? Sales are the transference of product from owner to customer whereas marketing is done for the company to increase sales.
  5. Why should I hire you? I said because I am good at communications skills, I am good at academics, I will be a good member of the company.

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