BuyHatke interview experience (On-campus for 6 months internship)

Buyhatke visited our campus to offer 6 months internship for the role of Software Developer. There were a total of 3 rounds. CSE, IT, ECE and EEE branches with a GPA above 7.00 were eligible. There was an initial resume based shortlisting done by the company. There were a total of 3 rounds.

    1. Online Test
      This was a one hour test. There were 5 DS and algo. related MCQs of easy level. There were 3 coding questions of 20, 30, 50 points. The 20 and 30 points questions were of moderate difficulty and the 50 points question was hard. 20 points question stated that given a excel sheet with 702 cells in each row and each cell numbered from 1 to 702 in the 1st row and 703 to 1404 in 2nd row and so on, find the row and column given N. The columns were of the form A, B, C, …., Z, AA, AB, AC, …., ZY, ZZ.
      The 30 points question stated that given an array of numbers replace some numbers such that each integer is unique and the overall sum of the array is minimum and return the sum.
      The 50 points question stated that there is a graph given where edges exist between vertices u and v when gcd(u, v) is greater than some K. Then given a source and destination array, return an array of same size marking if there exists a path or not.
      Only 2 people were shortlisted who had solved the 20 and 30 points question completely and the 50 points question partially.
    2. Technical Interview
      This was skype based interview. The interviewer asked me questions related to DS and algorithms. We discussed a bit about the projects and then I asked him what all technology stacks is the company currently using.
    3. Technical interview
      This round was taken by the CEO of the company. He gave me an efficient elevator designing problem and asked me to come up with some design. He then asked for my phone number and called me to discuss further about the problem. He then asked me how Torrent works. We had some discussion related to the projects. He then asked me some more general questions and the interview was over.

Unfortunately neither of the 2 shortlists were offered internships.

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