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Brute Force Approach and its pros and cons

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 04 May, 2021

In this article, we will discuss what is Brute Force Algorithm and what are its pros and cons. Below given are some features of the brute force algorithm are:

  • It is an intuitive, direct, and straightforward technique of problem-solving in which all the possible ways or all the possible solutions to a given problem are enumerated.
  • Many problems solved in day-to-day life using the brute force strategy, for example exploring all the paths to a nearby market to find the minimum shortest path.
  • Arranging the books in a rack using all the possibilities to optimize the rack spaces, etc.
  • In fact, daily life activities use a brute force nature, even though optimal algorithms are also possible.


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  • The brute force approach is a guaranteed way to find the correct solution by listing all the possible candidate solutions for the problem.
  • It is a generic method and not limited to any specific domain of problems.
  • The brute force method is ideal for solving small and simpler problems.
  • It is known for its simplicity and can serve as a comparison benchmark.


  • The brute force approach is inefficient. For real-time problems, algorithm analysis often goes above the O(N!) order of growth.
  • This method relies more on compromising the power of a computer system for solving a problem than on a good algorithm design.
  • Brute force algorithms are slow.
  • Brute force algorithms are not constructive or creative compared to algorithms that are constructed using some other design paradigms.


Brute force algorithm is a technique that guarantees solutions for problems of any domain helps in solving the simpler problems and also provides a solution that can serve as a benchmark for evaluating other design techniques, but takes a lot of run time and inefficient.

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