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BrowserStack (Mumbai) Interview Experience – Software Engineer

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At the time of interviews, I was having 1.3 Years of experience as an Application Developer.

Round 1: HR Screening Round

  • Current Project + Previous Project Discussion
  • Work Experience
  • Technology Stack

After this, I was called onsite directly. (Generally, they take one skype round before calling onsite)

Round 2: Machine Coding Round – I
Implement the following 4 WebServices in the choice of your language.

  • startBrowser() -> Start the browser(User Input) and opens given URL(User Input)
  • stopBrowser()-> Kill the specified opened browser.
  • getLatestURL()-> Fetched last visited URL (Doesn’t matter browser is running or it’s closed)
  • deleteAllHistory()-> Delete all the data -> Browser History, cookies, cache, saved passwords, bookmarks etc.

For the last 2, you’ll have to find how does any browser stores user-specific data locally. For Mozilla Firefox, it maintains places.SQLite, (And many similar files)So you’ll have to use JDBC Driver to extract/delete data from .sqlite files of Selenium or any 3rd party automation tool is strictly prohibited.

Round 3: Machine Coding Round – II
Implement functionality similar to tail -f to fetch the latest logs from the given server and send it to all the clients.

  • Subtask 1:
    • For the first part, we were not allowed to use tail command directly by creating a process from code.
    • We will have to implement tail -f command programmatically, in such a way that whenever the file is saved, only last changed data is getting displayed
    • One more criteria, in almost all languages, default file readers start from line 0, which is also not helpful in our case. As the files might go to some TBs.
  • Subtask 2:
    • Once we have n lines ready, WebSockets can be used, to send the data to all the clients.

Round 4: Hiring Manager Round

  • Current Project Architecture.
  • Current Framework Architecture. Core Java -> JSP-Servlets -> JSF-Managed Beans-> Oracle ADF (Similar case for DB-ORM Side was also discussed)
  • Any one feature you would like to discuss which interest you the most from current work-ex.
  • Conflict with your manager. How did you handle it?
  • What did you learn from 1.5 years of professional life, since this is your first company.
  • Some Questions on Java Frameworks
  • One question which was based on Map-Reduce Framework. (Discussion on How to modify also so that it can run on Multi-Clustered Environment)

Round 5: Founder Round

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What one thing did you enjoyed the most in the college?
  • StartUps vs MNC, which one do you prefer, why?
  • Strength and Weakness
  • Why you didn’t apply for GSoC?
  • Why you want to leave your previous organization?
  • Why Browserstack?
  • After this, they informed me, they are done for the day. In my overall experience, the interviewers were very friendly and helpful. After 2 days, the HR call was scheduled.

Round 6: HR Round (Video Conf)

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What did you like the most about the interview process?
  • What/How was your overall journey of the last 5 years (B.Tech + Internships + FullTime Job)?
  • After describing the journey, she asked “What is the most important thing in your career?”, “What are you looking for from your next job?”
  • Learnings from your current company.
  • One thing which you love about your current company.
  • One thing which you don’t like about your current company.
  • Within a week I got the final offer letter.

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Last Updated : 22 Nov, 2019
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