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Brocade Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2014

Recently I attended Brocade Communications Interview. I would like to share my experiences.

First Round: Written round 15 Aptitude + 25 Technical MCQs (c++ (mainly output qs), 2 questions on socket, 1 on IPC, 1 on Database in 1 hour. The qs were little above average.

After 1 hour they announced results. They shortlisted half of the people.

Second Round: Interview
1) merge two sorted linked lists in a third linked list
2) how will you search a sequence of bits over array of bytes
3) Design Qs: You have an incoming stream of bits. You have infinite memory, processing power. Design a system that will check for viruses. You have all the viruses signatures.
4) Same qs, You have limited processing power. How would you do?
5) When do you use Red Black tree, Avl tree
6) swap the nibbles in a byte. 0101 0001 -> 0001 0101
7) some pointer output qs.
-> void *p=0; p+=2; printf(“%d”,*p);
-> int **p=0; printf(“%d”,**p);
8) current project in your company

Third Round :Interview (Manager)

1) find if a tree is a binary search tree or not
2) count the number of set bits in a byte( in the best possible way)
3) what is your project in company
4) Since I was from a networking company , he told me to explain the full codebase architecture on the whiteboard
5) How ping works, What packets it generates
6) What packets are generated when a networking device tries to reach another networking device in a different network , connected through intermediate two routers. Explain in detail
7) Why do you want to change your company?

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