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Bridgei2i Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

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1.Introduce yourself
2.In age of empires,which civilization would u prefer to start with?(Since I included playing strategy games as my hobby)
3.Which language are u comfortable with? Rate it?
4.Which is the topic that u r most interested in?(Answered OOPS)
5. Assuming im an uneducated guy ,explain the concept of polymorphism.
6.Why function overloading?
7.Long discussion of the ongoing project.(Kept on questioning till a point where I surrendered)
8.What did u do in ELS? How does ur club function?
9.How was the maths quiz event organised and what were the types of qns asked?(He wanted to make sure that whatever I put in my achievement list was really achieved)
10.what is the value of (x-a)(x-b)…(x-z)?
11.A,B,C are three marksmen standing in a triangle.They have an accuracy rate of 99%,87%,1%).They all have one gun with one bullet each.At 12.00 pm,they shoot among themselves(All the bullets were fired at the same time).What is the chance that only one survives at the end?
12.Strength weakness
13.Why cgpa is so low?
14.Discussion about computer games.(Hobbies)
15.How do u rate urself in this interview?(said 7-7.5)
16.Why should I hire u?
17.(He tried a kind of stress test )He told me “I have rejected many students just because their strongest domain don’t match ours and what they are passionate about is irrelevant to what we do.So pls dont give up.Continue to attend interviews and try getting a good job related to ur area of interest.Thank you for ur time”. He wanted to see how im reacting to it.
Recruited at 12.30am 🙂

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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