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Bridgei2i Interview Experience (On campus)

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  • Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2018

Eligibility criteria : CGPA 6.5 + with no history of arrears. Around 700 people were eligible (CSE, IT, ICT, EEE, ECE)

Round 1: Consisted of a 3 hour online MCQ test, inclusive of Statistics based questions, aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal and programming questions ( mostly to find the 0/P).
Around 78 made it to the next round .

Round 2: The 78 people with made into 7 group of 11 each ( 1 didnot turn up)  and group discussion followed . The group discussion involved case studies – a set of labeled data was provided and series of questions followed . 4 -5 people in each group were selected for the next round . Around 32 people moved to the next round (Interview)

Round 3: There were 2 interviews, for school of computing students there was 1 technical round and 1 technical + HR round whereas for other school, there was a puzzle interview and HR.

Technical Interview 1:

The interviewer read through my resume and asked for my area of interest . I replied AI and ML

He asked me about question related Stochastic Gradient Descent, Cost function, Learning rate, activation function(graph), sampling based questions such as  ” Total number of SUV cars in Bangalore ” etc.,

He asked me how much I rate myself in Python . I replied 7-8 (on scale of 10)

He asked to write a simple Python code to find if a number is even or odd and asked me to explain about the use of dynamic typing in python.

The final question was to draw a parabola and trace the gradient descent algorithm on the parabola with small and large learning rate.

Technical and HR 2:

The interviewer asked me about my projects which were mostly in field of networking. Asked me questions on docker, web server, HTTP packet format, SSH, python based questions on dynamic nature of python . Questions on mutability of list etc .,

The HR asked about the group discussion  we went though, Why bridgei2i? Why analytics ? Why AI ? Why Bridgei2i over other analytics company such as MuSigma, LatentView etc, ?

Around 8 people were placed out of 32.

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