Branch Software Testing

Branch Testing is defined as a testing method, which has the main goal to ensure that each one of the possible branches from each decision point is executed at least once and thereby ensuring that all reachable code is executed. In the branch testing, each outcome from a code module is tested as if the outcomes are binary, you need to test both True and False outcomes.

Branch testing also provides a method to measure the fraction of independent code segments and also helps you to find out which is sections of code don’t have any branches.

Feature of Branch Testing:
There is some feature of Branch Testing which is generally provided to help of any software project. These are given below:

  1. It allows you to validate-all the branches in the code.
  2. It is a non-functional testing type.
  3. It ensures that no branch leads to abnormal behavior of the application.
  4. It provides to find a quantitative measure of code coverage.
  5. Branch testing is generally ignored branches inside the Boolean expressions.

Advantage of Branch testing:
Branch testing is also provide help to software developer for testing a project and also provide help. There are some advantage which are given below:

  • It is generally easy to implement.
  • It is very simple to apply.
  • It is approved that all the branches in the code are reached.
  • It generally takes the guarantee that no branches prompt any irregularity of the program’s operation.
  • It also resolves issues that happen with statement coverage testing.

Disadvantage of Branch testing:
There are some disadvantage of Branch testing which are given below:

  • It is neglect branches inside Boolean expressions which happen because of short-circuit administrators.
  • It is costly.
  • It is take more time for performing this task.

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