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Boomerang Commerce Interview Experience | Set 2 (Associate Software Developer 1)

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  • Last Updated : 17 Apr, 2016
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There were 6 rounds in total.

1) Online coding – hackerearth
Three Questions in 1.15hr. Total 50 marks.
Questions were in increasing order of the difficulty as per the marks. You can code only in Java.

I remember 2 questions
1) Two friends friend list were given. You have to find the mutual friends of both the friends.(15marks)
2) Question was based on Tree.
For example – input will be no. of nodes and their position and output should be yes or no depending upon whether a valid tree will be formed or not.(-) represents root node
For Example –

ans will be yes


ans will be no- because rl doesn’t have a parent node (r)

2) Skype Round
1) A number was given. You have to make just greater number than that number.
2) Two strings were given .Print all the strings that can be formed by both the strings and additional constraint was sequence of characters in each string should remain same.
For example – “abc” and “xyz”
axybcz – is a valid string but axyczb is not valid because order of b and c has been changed.

3) f2f
1) Given an array count boomerang pairs which means a[i] > a[j] and i < j. Implementation of merge sort basically with a slight change. 2) Right view of a Binary tree. Discussion on projects. Java Questions. 4) Machine Coding Round
A problem statement will be given and you don’t have to code. They will give you the access of server box.
Problem statement will check your googling skills and how much time you take to do a new thing.
In my case I had to install erlang and a webframework for it.
1) Then a web service to print hello world.
2) Web service to put a string in db fetch that string from db and print hello string.

5) f2f
1) 3 Sorted Arrays were given. Find a triplet such that maximum – minimum in that triplet is minimum of all the triplets and while selecting a triplet number should be there from each array.
2) 0 and 1 matrix was given. Flip operation can be done on a matrix. Flip means if we are doing a flip on a particular column all the elements of column will be reversed and flip can be done only on the columns. Flips can be done n number of times.
Output – Maximum no. of rows that will contain all same elements after flips in a matrix. You can do infinite flips.

Discussion on last company projects.

6) F2F
Write a Complete Class Design and code –

input - From command line a string

Output - total words
         unique words
         most occurred word
         frequency of most occurred word 

General Discussion of company’s work,policies and all.

Normal Discussion round

Important Points –
1) Write a complete code, atleast explain your approach completely
2) Take care of all the test cases and checks( very important).

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