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BNY Mellon Interview Experience | On-Campus Summer Internship 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2020
Geek Week

Round 1: This was an online coding round conducted on the Hackerrank platform and consisted of  4 questions.

Easy (50 Marks): Length of the longest subarray with a sum less than or equal to k.

Medium (75 Marks): Finding the maximum of minimums of all the subarrays of size K.

This is a similar question but in the original question, we had to find the minimum of all the subarrays and then the global maximum of all the minimums.

Medium (75 Marks): I don’t remember this one, but it was easy.

Hard(100 Marks): We were given a total number of nodes and edges connecting each node, we had to find the sum of ceil(sqrt(no. of nodes )) in each graph.

I was able to do the easy one completely and for the other two medium questions and I was able to get 13/15 and 14/15 test cases for them with just brute force and didn’t try to optimize it.

I wasn’t able to do the 100 Marks one as I was not familiar with graphs coding.

A lot of students had applied and 24 were selected after this round, I was one of them.

Round 2: Began with a general introduction and then the interviewer asked this question,  

Given two binary images(binary Matrices) find the largest submatrix that matches in both the images.

I gave him a brute force approach, I knew this had to be done with graphs, he asked me to code the brute force solution and then I told him how we can apply DFS to this problem and told him that I was not familiar with graphs coding, he looked satisfied, then he started asking me CS-related questions:

What is the use of pointers in C++?

How does encryption works?

Is https stateful or stateless?

And then he asked me a few general oops related questions.

He moved onto my resume and I had done projects related to ML, he just asked one question, supervised vs unsupervised algorithms.

After this, I was informed in just a few minutes that I was selected for the next round.

And the HR round started after about 20 mins of Round 2,.

He asked me a general question like:

Introduce yourself.

I had previously done an internship, he asked about that.

He then asked about the projects mentioned in my resume.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What do you know about BNY Mellon?

A situation where you exceeded your own expectations.

Finally, I was one of the 3 students selected for the internship.

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