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BNY Mellon Interview Experience | On-Campus Aug 2020 ( Virtual )

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BNY Mellon, VJTI Mumbai, August 2020. BNY Mellon Visited our campus Recently for the hiring of FTE for the Role of Sr.Application developer.

Online Assessment(1.5 hrs,Hackerank): There were four coding questions in the online Assessment to be solved in the 90 minutes.

One of Easy level (50 marks), two of Medium level(75 marks ) and one of hard level (100 marks)

I had solved both the medium level questions and the partial of the easy level questions and qualified for the Interview.

6 students qualified for the next round.

Technical Round 1(70 mins, Codepair round on Hackerrank): The interview started with which language are you most comfortable with? I said C++. So he asked me below mentioned questions: 

  1. Difference between C++ and java
  2. Polymorphism in c++.
  3. Aggregate Function in SQL and explain each of them
  4. Gave me the schema of the Department table and Student table and asked me to write a query to give the Department name and student name.
  5. Types of Join
  6. Difference between Natural joins and Inner join.
  7. Asked me the Query on Group by, Aggregate function, and having clauses.
  8. Given 4 rows in the table where one of the rows is completely NULL and asked me to give the answer of count(*).
  9. Given a table of the student where the score column has value is (10,5,3, NULL) and asked the sum(score)
  10. Then we move on to the Coding part, First question was Reverse an array to be run on all test cases.
  11. Given 1 chocolate=1 rupee 3 chocolate wrapper = 1 chocolate how many chocolates at a price of X? Write a function.
  12. He gave me a code snippet and asked me how I would implement Caching in it? Explain the approach and write the code.

3 students qualified for the next round.

Technical Round 2(55 minutes, Codepair round on Hackerrank): Asked me the technologies do you know? I said Android. Then he asked me some questions on android.

  1. What is the android manifest?
  2. A detailed discussion about permission in android. What would happen if we didn’t mention permission in the android manifest?
  3. Detailed Discussion on my ML+Android project. What is your role in this project?
  4. Then asked about Denormalization and Normalization in  Database. Asked advantages of Normalization vs Denormalization.
  5. Difference between compiled and interpreted languages. Explain each one of them with example
  6. Which languages do you prefer? Compiled or interpreted? why?
  7. Then we moved to the coding on Hackerrank where he gave me one question which is expected to be run on all possible test cases.  Given an array of bad numbers and a range of integers determine the longest segment of  integers

I solved this on all test cases.

2 students Qualified for the Next Round.

Bar Raiser Round(60 minutes, Technical + Hr, Webex):

  1. Tell me about Yourself
  2. How do you implement a Graph?
  3. Discussion on the pointer in c++
  4. Memory leak
  5. Discussion on Dynamic memory allocation and new operator in c++
  6. How do you represent 2D array using pointer
  7. What are constructors and destructors?
  8. Which algorithms are generally used in  DBMS. (Searching and sorting )
  9. Different types of Searching algorithms.
  10. Detailed Discussion on Project
  11. What is your hobby?
  12. Tell me the situation where you got beyond your expectations?
  13. Do you know about BNY?

I was the only one to get selected.

Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2021
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