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BNY Mellon Interview Experience for SDE (Freshers)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2019
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Round 1:Online Technical Coding Round  (2.5-3 hours)-

The coding round was held on hackerearth platform . It comprises of 3 questions, (mostly mathematical one’s)  in my case.

Each question is of 100 marks.

For you to qualify, you must score atleast  160 marks or above.

You will be getting  e-mail regarding your candidature  in the coding round  in a week or two.


Round 2:Phonic Round(Technical Round) (1-1.5 hours)-

Q1. Walk me through your Resume.

 Ans. I  answered.

Q2. Tell me about sorting.(about 6-8 minutes)

Ans. I  talked about what is sorting, the talked about different sorting algorithms in chronological order of their time complexity.


Q3. Difference between merge-sort and quick-sort  in respect to their usage and complexities.

Ans. link :””

Q4. Given question to sort using merge-sort which is to be executed on the  testing terminal given to me during the phonic interview.

Q5.Tell me about Binary heap.

Ans.  link: “”

Q6. Again given question  to execute, this time question on linked list, to find a cycle in linked list and to remove that cycle.

Ans. link:””

Q7. Now questions were from Software Engineering:-

i. My approach to build E-commerce website.

Ans: I talked about different  development models like- Waterfall model, Prototype model which can be used for the development of the E-commerce website.

ii.What do you think of software testing department.

Ans. I talked about their importance there work .

iii. Now we  had Discussion about my project, where questions were asked regarding my project.

Q8.  Now questions about Object Oriented Programming  there usefulness, properties.

Ans. link:

Q9. Define Polymorphism  and difference in their  types-

Ans. link: “”

Q10I had to write a query  according to given question of  Database.

Ans .Which in my case was based on  “group by”

Tips: you must have knowledge about data structures, DBMS and OOPs Concepts, you must be able to execute all the questions that were being asked.

Round 3: (Technical + Managerial ) around (50 to 70 minutes):-

This Round can be held in Pune or Chennai, where you’ll be called accordingly  by the company which is going to pay for your AIRFARE  and stay in a FIVE-STAR HOTEL. 

Q1. Interviewer opened the laptop and asked me to explain the code which I had solved in Round 1 on paper.

Q2. Tell me difference Between Library  And Module

Ans . link:  “”

Q3. Tell me about your Project, and asked me what technology were used in it.

Q4. Write Code of any one module of  your project you know.

Q5. Write function for Binary tree  to check  whether  its  different  nodes value that are present in different paths   in a tree are equal to number X when values of nodes are being added.

Q6. Tell me about the latest Technology you are working on, and how it is going to affect the human beings.

Q7. Again write a function  for question -given  m, n where 

m -is no.of  9’s

n- is no .of  0’s

a number is formed by combining m & n and it can have any no. of 9’s and 0’s like-(9, 90, 999, 9090, 9000…etc) and it is starting from 9

you are given X a number where you have to find the smallest number that is formed by the combination of m & n and is divisible by  X

Q8. You are working on the project  and have completed it and during its presentation the project fails, how you are going to handle the situation.

Q9. Where you see Yourself after 5 years, how you are going to achieve that 

Q10LAST QUESTION -(which was like final nail in the coffin)

 Logical based–

You are provided a work which usually take 10 days to finish, you have to complete that work in  7 days without  doing any extra hours and this work have to be done alone, how you are going to do that?

Ans– First, I smiled because this is the same question which I had  discussed with my friends the day before the interview.

I answered within 2-3 seconds back, and the look on the face of the interviewer was really  intriguing.

 I answered–“” First we are going to schedule are task according to our priority, and then we are going to maintain record of  each task,   if any task during the work is going to be repeated, I am going to look for it in the  record table and not going to work again on that task.This Approach follows Dynamic  Programming approach of global optimization.”  

Special thanks to geeksforgeeks that had helped me to qualify BNY MELLON interview, and I highly recommend to work hard and if having any confusion look for it in geeks for geeks.

Before  the interview  I had gone through the   whole “” TOP 10 Algorithms in the Interview  Questions””

link : “

Thank You  GeeksforGeeks

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