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BNY Mellon Interview Experience for SDE-1 (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 13 Jun, 2022
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Round 1: Online coding round

This was an online coding round conducted on the Hackerrank platform and consisted of 4 questions.

  • (Easy – medium): The question was based on finding the kth largest element at some stages of iteration(a slight variation of the kth largest element question but the problem was designed in such a way that was not easy to understand), I solved it fully.
  • (Medium-Hard): This question was based on the greedy approach. ( just like the 4th problem of Div-2 on code chef, I solved 12 out of 13 test cases)
  • (Hard): It was a difficult problem, as It required a lot more pre-computation(do not remember the problem but the difficulty was hard. I solved it partially.
  • (Hard): It was a hard problem based on graphs where I had to apply DP to it as well (actual question do not remember). I solved it partially(but more than half)

I got selected for the interview round after a week (so those who scored more than 55% in the coding round got selected for interviews I guess).

Round 2(45 minutes): This round mainly focused on data structures and algorithm skills. Their focus was mainly on accuracy and how you write the code.

  • On the code pair link He asked me to code a problem like conversion of numeric Numbers to roman numbers, an array was given which consisted of numeric numbers and a table was given containing a list of roman numbers corresponding to the numeric numbers, and I had to return an array of roman numbers by converting according to the table such that XVI corresponding to the 16 as a number. (simple binary search over all numeric numbers from that table worked for me to get to know how I can get the nearby just smaller number to it from a table and then apply it for the rest of the number remaining) I was able to pass all test cases in front of the interviewer and He became happy after seeing that.
  • OOP related
  • From React(as it was mentioned in my resume)
  • From React(how to send the function as a prop to different components)

(No code only an explanation of how will you do it).

The result came after 1 day and I got informed by HR that I got selected for the 2nd round interview.

Round 3(1 hour 20 min): Technical round-II: In this round, we discussed a lot of things together(both me and the interviewer, had 12+ years of experience in the same company). we started with our introduction then after that, He asked me to code on the Code pair link of Hacker rank for the problem named stock price problem.

problem link:

After successfully coding it. He asked me for a lot more variations of checkout system designing of any counter. Let’s say you are buying to shops to buy some fruits with different prices and any time you go to checkout, they tell you what is the price of what you bought. but variations like you are giving off on the 3 items of the same type if a person is getting. and so many other variations too.

I wrote code for all the variations, to cross-check He asked me to run it on some test cases I coded successfully. and he got satisfied with those solutions.

After that, He asked me for a small puzzle with a slight variation named dispersion tank water jugs. we discussed a lot of use cases of this puzzle and also I tried to give the best answer using the Round-robin way. Then he asked me how will I select the time quantum if the capacity of each jug is not the same. I told them to take an average of them so that response time will be faster and no jug will go to starvation…He got satisfied. and then He discussed some concepts of vertical scaling and so on. He wanted to know whether I can code when different situations are put up and how much can I think of solutions to advance problems.

I was very sure that I will be called to the 3rd round interview after this and I got a message from HR my last interview was held on the 9th of May with the Director of BNY Mellon ( he had 22+ years of experience).

Round 4(1 hour 10 min): (Technical + Managerial) round: I never saw someone like Director asking DP problems in the last round but that was just to see my coding skills.

1st question was based on DP similar to finding the smallest distance on going to any cell from the top of the 2-D grid if the distance is calculated as the square root of value inside the grid and you can move only to the right and down. I coded it successfully while explaining my approach.

then He moved to some HR and personal type questions:

  • Why do you want to join BNY Mellon.
  • Show me what kind of projects did you make( by showing the screen).
  • What all you know about BNY Mellon and what It does and the awards won by it.
  • And there were some more Questions from my Resume too.

This was the round where I was thinking about whether I will be selected or not because He did not show anything on his face.

But after a week I got a confirmation of selection and It was very happy moment for me 🙂

One suggestion to all that please do not leave the things in interviews when things are not going in your way just try to take a little bit of time, go there by relaxing yourself and be calm in your interviews and last but not the least Give proper time to practicing coding.

Thank you:)

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