BNY Mellon Interview Experience for Freshers

BNY Mellon visited our college for recruitment by July, 2019. CS, IT, ECE students took the online round.

Round 1: Online round

Online round was held in hackerrank platform. The test consists of one easy, two medium and one hard question. Everyone gets a different set of questions. The questions are not of same difficulty.

Around 38 students were shortlisted for the technical interview.

Round 2:F2f interview

In this round I was asked Smallest window that contains all characters of string itself, Reverse an array without affecting special characters and basic OOPS concepts.

Round 3:F2f interview

In this round there was discussion about ASCII characters and why it has been used likewise. Also about the relational operators and post increment and pre increment operations. I was also asked the question Find frequency of each word in a string.

Round 4:F2f interview

In this round there was a discussion on basic data structures and its real life implementation. I was asked the difference between R language and other programming languages, new feature that can be added to C++, OOPS concepts and about Random Forest algorithm in machine learning.

Finally 9 of our college students were given offer!!!!

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