BNP Paribas Internship Interview Experience through Cocubes 2019

I got shortlisted for the interview at BNP Paribas, Chennai after applying through Cocubes. There were totally 3 rounds of Interviews-Technical, Managerial, HR.Let me tell you about each of them in detail.

Round 1-Technical Interview: They said to wait for some time to assign the interviewer.After waiting for almost 1 hour they assigned me a interviewer.

Interviewer: Hi Balaji, Hope you are doing good.

Me: Hi Mam. Yes, I am doing good.

Interviewer: You Mentioned a Web Project in your resume. Explain about it.

Me: Explained about everything in that project from front-end to back-end and how database works.

Interviewer: Oh that’s great.Write a query to fetch details of customer whose name matches with ‘ba’?

Me: Written the query using  ‘%’ operator in SQL.

Interviewer: Actually, I am quite impressed by your work.

Me: Thank you mam.

Interviewer: Ok, I will forward your resume to next round. Hope, you will do good and get selected.Wait until further instructions.

Me: OK, sure. Thank you.

After the first round is completed I was so sure that I will be selected. Now, comes the Managerial round.

Round 2-Managerial Interview: After waiting for almost 1 hour after Technical round I was assigned to a Interviewer.

Interviewer: Hi Balaji. Got good credits from Round 1. Will complete this round fast.

Me: Thank you sir.Sure.

Interviewer: Ok, I will ask you 2 programming questions. Tell me a approach to it.

Me: Ok sir.

Interviewer: You are aware of System.out.println() function in java. Right?

Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer: In that what is System?what is out?what is println?

Me: (confused state)Maybe (System.out) is a class and println is the method to be called sir.

Interviewer: Ok. println is a method. But what do you mean by System.out?

Me: Maybe System is the child class and out is the parent class.

Interviewer: (Not satisfied)

Me: Tried different combinations and explained all to him which came to my mind.

Interviewer: Ok, Let’s shift to other question.

Interviewer: Let’s say you have 8 candles. 7 of them are of same size and 1 is different.How will be find the unique one?

Me: Tried the approach of XOR function and explained to him.

Interviewer: checked the code and asked whether I can do it in less time complexity?

Me: Tried the Hash method, Binary search method and explained everything to him.

(I was so sure I will be rejected in this round because he didn’t seemed to be happy about my performance)

Interviewer: Ok, I am done. Do you have any questions?

Me: Sir, What about my performance?

Interviewer:They are looking for Java developer interns. I will just forward your Resume to HR Team. They will inform you.

(I was so happy that I qualified 2nd Round)

Round 3-HR Interview: They asked me finish lunch and come by 2 pm. But because of absence of HR’s that day I was kept waiting till 4 pm.

HR: Ok. Your Name is Balaji right?

Me: Yes sir.

HR: Ok. Are you comfortable to relocate?

Me: Yes sir.

HR: Are you Ok to work in Night shifts?

Me: Yes sir.

HR: Ok. You can leave for the day.

Me: sir, what about my results?

HR: Oh, You are qualified and it may take few days to send the confirmation to your mail.

Me: Thank you sir.( I was so happy that I couldn’t even express now because this internship is very important to me.)


Actually, they look at how you are trying to answer a question by applying the concepts you know. Just try to be frank, If you don’t know about the concept say that you’re not aware of it. If you are aware of basics of programming and if you kept any personal project in your resume then it would be so easy to get selected.



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