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BlueOptima Interview Experience (for graduate software engineer)
  • Last Updated : 18 Dec, 2018
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Round 1:

Online Test on hackerrank having 20 technical aptitude questions and two coding questions. aptitude mainly had java related coding and theory questions and in coding, one was simple while other was tricky.

Round 2:

Shortlisted students had face to face interview.

  1. Brief about yourself. Discussion of all the projects was done. Then he asked in detail about the database I have used and the tables made. A query to find the teacher with maximum subjects allocated was given. (table had teacher name and subjects he teaches). Ans: use group by and having clause.
  2. How to implement the stack using queue and queue using the stack. Optimized solution asked.
  3. Print level order traversal of a tree. what can be the maximum size of the queue? (level with maximum number of elements and that number forms the maximum size of the queue)
  4. What is overloading and overriding?
  5. Count set bits in an integer and code it.

Round 3:

9 students were shortlisted for next round(5 Btech and 4 Mtech). This was the Project Round. Here 3 teams were made and each team was given a project which needs to be done within a week. All the requirements were to be fulfilled. After a week, there was a project evaluation round on skype. In this each team member has to explain its part and a walk through the code was done. The questions were asked about the problems we faced and about the concepts used.How much optimization is done and many more. One must have complete knowledge of what he or she has done.

At last 3 students got the offer.

Thanks to Geeks For Geeks for providing study material.

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