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Round 1:It happened in Jan 2019. Around 80 students attended it. Online coding round of 2.5 hours, and three questions. Students who completed 2 questions or more were called for the interviews.

Round 2: Around 30 students reached this round. Through video chat. 6-7 questions  were asked. Focus was on logic. Some questions which I remember are – tree traversals, median of unequal sized arrays, and  detecting and removing loop in a linked list.

Round 3: Around 7 students reached this round. Through video chat. Screen was shared for coding. 3 questions were asked. One based on Stack, one on Strings and other a puzzle on numbers.

Round 4: 5 students reached this round. Coding environment was provided. A string based question with test cases were provided. We needed to code and run it for all test cases. Questions were asked on the logic used. Those whose maximum testcases ran successfully, passed this round.

Round 5: 3 students reached this round. A rigorous talk on the code of the last round, and projects done in college life took place with the founder of the company. For me the discussion was about 30-40 minutes. This was a very crucial round. The questions were  pointed on every aspect of the projects.

Verdict: Three students got hired. I was one among them.? The feeling was superb as the selection process had intense coding and project concept tests. I would like to give a large part of my hiring credit to GEEKSFORGEEKS. Thank you!

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