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Blog | General facts about the GATE exams

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Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering (GATE) acts as both nightmare and dream for engineering students. Basically it is one of the tough exams throughout the world which tests the basic understandings of different undergraduate subjects in engineering and Science and indirectly rectify the qualified and deserve student for higher studies or Technical jobs. It is conducted by 7 IIT at Roorkee, Delhi, Kharagpur, Guwahati, Chennai, Mumbai, Kanpur and IISC Bangalore on behalf of The National Coordination Board. Almost 8-9 lakhs students have appeared in GATE Exam every year and we get the most surprising result, that is only 17% of the total test takers have been qualified and Maximum IIT students are get qualified .Lets talk about some unknown facts and reasons why 80-90% student are failed to qualify GATE.
  • Only a few number of students get the chances to study in several IITs by qualifying in IIT entrance examination. Rest of the students study in private engineering college affiliated by some universities like MAKAUT (West Bengal) and others so these students are accustomed to the syllabus given by the particular universities. Here begins the differences. There is a huge difference between syllabus of IIT and normal universities.

  • As the professors of IIT make the questions, we can easily assume that the IIT students are well practiced of solving the same types of questions and well known about the question pattern and types.

  • There is a huge difference in teaching process also. Suppose a normal student of any particular private college do a specific problem in Calculus Method. On the other hand the IIT’s student do the same problem by Vector method. As the GATE’s question is conducted by IIT so a question may arise in the question paper which can be only solved by Vector method. Here the Private college student fails.

  • A common theory which is very much famous is called 56 day theorem. Now what is that ? 56 day theorem is nothing but one week before every semester and the graduation is completed. 60% engineering students are habituated in this theorem. So they can’t qualified.

  • The most important thing is seriousness, whenever we are doing any studies on some degrees or anything else we have to be serious first. That’s the main key. We have to think first that this is for our career not for other’s career.
  • Once there a time the IIT’s students had not taken the gate exam but since the time when the navaratna companies and the renowned government companies like steel authority of India and so like companies ,from then IIT students are also take the exams for getting those jobs. So the competition is getting high enough

There are many unknown or known facts behind the failure. I am just highlighting those reasons or facts which are most effective to an engineer student. So think about you. What do you want actually? Because the competition is now very high enough to drown you in the mid sea. The world is not going to stop for you. Make your right decision and think about your upcoming future. Note: The views expressed in the blog are perfectly mine and may vary with other geeks(which is absolutely fine I guess :)).

Last Updated : 05 Apr, 2019
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